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Manufacturing / Industrial Websites by 319NetWorks

319 NetWorks will help any industrial / manufacturing organization take their business to the next level with a powerful, highly functional, and beautifully designed corporate website.  Often times, especially in B2B businesses, the corporate website is regarded as an afterthought.  This is the wrong strategy for industrial firms.  In order to gain competitive advantages, firms must present clear and easy to find information, keep the information fresh with updates, and allow for meaningful online interactions between its clients / potential clients and the business.


Our process includes a thorough investigation of your business, its operations, its goals, and its strategy in every area of the company.  We also perform diligence on your competitors and your potential customers.  The results of our investigative research helps us to generate expert recommendations to include in your site.  We always keep operational procedures in mind and uncover ways that they can be integrated into the site to bring automation and cost reduction to the firm.


Manufacturing firms also are presented with a number of challenges that can be resolved with the correct web solutions.  Manufacturers must educate their channel onto its product line in the most effective, cost-efficient manner.  This has trickle-down effect all the way to the retail cost of goods.  In a 319 site, educating your channel is done in a simple yet highly effective manner.  Using tools such as resource centers, news, online forums, and learning courses, manufacturers can arm their distributors with the necessary knowledge and resources they need to achieve maximum sell-through.  319 sites for Manufacturing / Industrial Firms are also designed and equipped with SEO tools to allow for an ongoing search optimization effort and multiple search campaigns.


A sample of functions and services included with a typical delivery:

Design & Branding

319 will provide partial to complete creative direction, including:

  • Color palette
  • Image selection
  • Fonts

319 Design team will design for all functions

319 will provide branding & logo, as needed


319 will make expert recommendations and decisions for optimum layout of functional areas for all templates

Site Map / Navigation

319 will make expert recommendations and decisions for optimum navigation


319 will assist in content development


319 will configure all content and functions on the site

Managed Hosting

319 will arrange managed hosting services in its Amazon Cloud network


319 will provide two 1 hour training sessions, bug fixes for 45 days post launch, and telephone support for 90 days.  Subsequent support will be billed at an hourly rate

Software Provided

Platform319 Administrator including:

  • Unlimited users
  • User groups
  • Permissions
  • Complete Content Management
  • Complete Function Management
  • File Manager

Google Analytics Integration

Platform319 Workstation including:

  • Unlimited users
  • Dashboard tools
  • CRM tools & functions
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Reporting / Metrics

Functions Provided


  • Add, edit, delete unlimited
  • Customize URLs, Browser Titles, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions
  • Redirect settings
  • Security / Permissions settings
  • Page Content Editor
  • Link building
  • Plug-in actions

Dynamic Site Map

Menu System

  • Add, edit, delete unlimited
  • Customize descriptions, structure, position

Integrated Site Search

Form System

  • Add, edit, delete unlimited
  • Preset or custom fields (questions)
  • Robot protection
  • Auto-responders
  • Results delivery to e-mail / phone
  • Custom content

Mail Templates

  • Add, edit, delete unlimited
  • Customize

Google Maps

  • Find a dealer / distributor

Resource Center

  • Add unlimited resources into virtual library
  • Rich usage analytics supported in Workstation

Events System

  • Manage physical or virtual events with sign-up / reservations / seats
  • Mapping of location, scheduling of hours / recurrence

News Engine

  • Add, edit, delete unlimited news items
  • SEO, Release Date, Brief, Content, and many more controls

Rotation System

  • Enabling content transitions in a non-flash environment
  • Controls for speed, transition type, position, and more

SEO Controls

  • Site name, meta data, meta description, page title, browser titles, friendly URLs, image alt names, and much more

Social Media

  • 319 will create and manage (as needed) social media pages / accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ as well as provide pertinent links on site