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Platform319 Administrator by 319 NetWorks

Platform319 Administrator gives businesses the power to construct and manage very small to very large websites without the need for coding.  Platform319 Administrator is designed and built to empower creative and business professionals; its power allows non-technical individuals to be professional webmasters while completely removing the need for IT or technical support.


In discussing Administrator, it can be broken down into four main areas:

  • Content Management
  • Function Management
  • User Management
  • Site Management


Content Management

Content Management is no longer a luxury for websites and portals - it is a must have in today's fast paced and ever evolving business world.  Platform319 Administrator offers the tools your business needs to keep content fresh, meaningful, and personalized - seducing prospects and keeping customers coming back.


Below is a small sample of content areas that can be easily managed in Platform319 Administrator.

Page Content Menu Content Banner Content HTML Block Content Form Content
Map Content News Content Events Content Mail Template Content eLearning Content


New additions:

  • 319OSE (On Screen Editor)
  • Visual Blocks
  • Device Recognition


Function Management

Platform319 Administrator is so much more than content management.  Within the platform, site administrators can reconfigure, manage and set properties on endless web functions.  This feature is extremely unique and very powerful and gives the enterprise unrivaled control over its web assets.  As a result, companies can modify function as needs evolve to best service the goals of the organization.


Below is a small sample of function management within Platform 319 Administrator.

Chat Data Engine Data Builder eLearning Events
FAQ Topics Form System Forums Google Maps Menu System
News Page Properties Rotation System Voting System Banner Properties

User Management

Platform319 Administrator enables the rapid creation, modification, and management of site Users and User Groups.  Contacts that are naturally created through site activity (i.e... completing a form) or added otherwise (manually or imported) can be placed into strategic, permission-based groups.  Custom fields can also be created without the need for any coding to add to a User Profile in order to fit any needs required.


Site Management

Platform319 Administrator empowers its users to control properties on all levels of a website or portal.  This feature gives administrators important control and enables dynamic scalability and security.  Perhaps most importantly, the platform features "Dynamic Blocks" which allow reconfiguration and segmentation of site function & content.  These master controls truly enable a website or portal to be an ever-evolving and growing asset for any organization.  Below is a small subset of site management features.

Site Login Page Login Page Redirects Favicon Site Meta Data
Page Meta Data Block Setups Template Selection Device Recognition Dynamic Site Map