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Strategic Digital Services

In accordance with delivering world-class solutions, we offer an array of strategic digital services that ensure success for your business.


Best Practice Guidelines

We will audit your current website, portal and/or other digital assets to gain a thorough understanding of existing tools that can be repurposed for higher benefit to the organization.  We also perform deep dive studies of competitive companies in order to make best practice recommendations within your industry.  Our team consists of business leaders in operations, sales & marketing, and technology, and we are proud to be able to draw from our extensive experience to help your business gain competitive advantages.

Wireframes / Site Maps

Our team has experience in web design from the infancy of the internet up to modern times.  In launching thousands of websites, we understand how to make navigation clear, simple, and easy to use, while still allowing for lots of content and content segmentation.

Professional Creative Services

319 NetWorks' artists have the perfect blend of creativity and practicality.  Often times, creativity just for the sake of being creative does not add value and may even discourage a visitor from engaging your company.  With a comprehensive understanding of target audience profiles, branding, and the latest in trends, our professional creative services team will beautify and increase the value of your web assets.

Content Development / Management

Your web content is essential to promoting your company's brand & message to potential customers.  With the ever-changing business climate, it is crucial to maintain fresh content and keep visitors abreast of new developments within your company.  Our team provides content development and management services, taking the burden off of your busy team, and ensuring an accurate representation of your company at all times.

Legacy Systems Integration

The IT world evolves in short-loops by nature.  Structurally, technology environments in corporations have become more complex with time.  In addition, market demands by consumers, suppliers, and employees have resulted in many companies investing in heterogeneous systems working in silos.  As a result, many government and enterprise customers require integration with legacy systems to maintain critical business and operational processes.  319 NetWorks technical experts can integrate your website and/or portal to legacy systems, creating secure connections to bring reporting, payments, and other rich solutions to life at the web.  Our team has valuable experience integrating to AS 400s, Microsoft Dynamics, and a wide range of ERP systems.

Support & Maintenance

Many times, at our clients' request, we will provide extended support & maintenance under contract to provide continual product enhancements and customer support.  Examples are virtual help desks built into web portals that we deliver, smart forms that route support requests to our team via e-mail and/or SMS, and chat solutions where we become part of the support team.

SEO / Site Optimization

Almost every web company that you speak to claims they have the best solution for SEO.  The issue is that most, if not all, never really gain a thorough understanding of your business, its target audience profile, and the goals of the campaign itself.  SEO is a constantly moving target, however Platform319 provides all of the goodies and resources necessary to quickly and easily launch successful SEO campaigns.  In addition, our expert team will optimize site content, run your site through Google Webmaster tools, and integrate to Google Analytics.

Managed Hosting

The 319 Enterprise Network comprises Platform319, 319Applications, 319NetWork Stack, Amazon Cloud Technology and Cloud Technical Applications, 319Redundant Monitoring System and 319Backup & Restore Systems.  For further technical details, please click here.